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Love's about finding the rest of you in someone else.

And when you're with the person you love, the rest of the world just falls away.

28 March 1991

I'm living my life for right now. Love it.

acquiring better eating habits, barack obama's administration, being the cellphone queen, being trashy and classy, chanel everything, chanel no.5, christina aguilera = idol, christmas with you, doutzen kroes, drinking too much coffee, giving blowjobs, giving gifts to people, grilling out, growing up, having sex often, i love you, i'm a pop whore, jenna jameson, kimberly wyatt!, laughing at silly puns, learning the violin, leighton meester's amazing, like a lollipop, living my life, paris hilton's short hair, shopping for myself, skanky but pretty girls, sneaking cigarettes at work, spending nights with you, the thick summer haze, waiting for the summertime, when i'm with you, yay me!, your eyes